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QBI Consulting present One Day Training
Sabtu,  18 Januari  2014 | Hotel Holiday Inn Express SEMARANG*
Overview of 5S
The 5S are the foundation of improvement activities, which can make our factory more effectively.
The 5S allow you to make a more pleasant workplace, more satisfying jobs, and a process that makes sense.
And also, our company can be achieved higher quality, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.
The terminology of the 5S comes from the origin of 5S system in Japan.
Each pillars had a Japanese name that began with the English 'S' sound.
What the 5S contents?
5S Pillars
5S Definition & Tools
Philosophy of 5S
1. SEIRI / Organization
2. SEITON / Orderliness
3. SEISO / Cleanliness
4. SEIKETSU / Standardized Cleanup
5. SHITSUKE / Discipline
Definition : Removing from the workplace all items that are not needed for current production operations
Tools : Red Tagging
Definition : Arranging needed items so that they are easy to use and labeling them so that they are easy to find and put away
Tools : Visual Control (Signboard, 5S Map, Color-Coding Outlining, Motion Economy)
Definition : Sweeping floors, wiping off machinery, and generally making sure that everything in the factory stays clean
Tools : 5S Schedule, 5S Assignment map, Cleanliness, Inspection Checklist, 5-Minute Cleanliness
Definition :  The state that exits when the first three Pillars are being maintained.
Tools : 5S Maps, 5S Schedules, 5S Job Cycle Charts, Visual 5S, 5-Minute 5S, 5S Checklists, 5-Point Standardized Cleanup-Level Checklists, 5W1H
Definition : Making a habit of properly maintaining correct procedures
Tools : 5S Slogans, 5S Posters, 5S Photo Exhibition and Scoreboard, 5S News-Letters, 5S Map, 5S Pocket Manuals 5S Department Tours
Resistance to Implementing Resistance to Implementing 5S
1. What is so great about Organization & Orderliness?
2. Why should I, the president, to be 5S chairman?
3. Why clean when it just gets dirty again?
4. Implementing organization & orderliness will not boost output.
5. It is a trivial project -- management.
6. We already implemented it.
7. I know my filling cabinet is a mess but I know where everything is
8. We did the 5S 20 years ago.
9. 5S is for the factory only.
10. We're too busy for organization and orderliness.
11. Why should anyone tell me what to do.
12. We don't need the 5S. We are making money, so let us do our work the way we want to.


Tri Harso Nugroho, SKM
Alumni Universitas Indonesia
Safety Specialist di Perusahaan Manufacturing Terkemuka Dunia yang berlokasi di Indonesia.
Internal Auditor untuk NESP, ISO 14001, RoHS, dan CSR
AHLI K3 Umum dan Kebakaran
Profesional Trainer
Hotel  Holiday Inn Express
Jl.  Ahmad Yani Semarang
Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014
Pukul 09:00 – 16:30 WIB
Early Bird - pembayaran sebelum tanggal  15 Januari 2014 : Rp. 1.000.000,-/peserta
Normal pembayaran setelah tanggal 15 Januari 2014  : Rp. 1.200.000,-/peserta
(Sudah termasuk, Lunch, 2x Cofee break, Materi, Sertifikat)
Biaya di Transfer ke
Bank Mandiri KCP -  Kelapa Dua Cimanggis
No. Rek : 1290005407347
a/n : PT Qualita Buana Insani
Informasi & Pendaftaran
PT.Qualita Buana Insani
Semarang Representative Office
Jl. Tambak Dalam No. 43 Semarang
Telpon (024) 76585009   Mobile : 0815 8131915
Formulir Pendaftaran : 5S
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